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Savannah Walker


Qwick is at the heart of the hospitality industry as its leading professional network, paving the path towards an empowered workforce and freelance revolution. We partnered with them to craft a brand that felt in-the-know and in service of people who serve others.

Working closely with Qwick’s internal team, the new brand feels warm but seasoned—a space where professionals have the freedom of flexibility. Our art direction and content strategy highlights back-of-house life, the flexibility of shift work, and insider-knowledge to help the Qwick community. The brand extends into the marketing site, social channels, and experiences to connect freelancers to the industry and each other.

Red Antler

Brand Designer

Crissy Fetcher, Elizabeth Goodspeed, (Digi): Saul Fougnier, Maya Braunstein

Mariel Nardi, Andy Mendes

AD/Social Strategy
Maggie Sause, Ash coppins

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