Bradley’s Lock
and Key Shop

︎ 10 weeks
︎ branding, identity, print
*SCAD Secession, Bronze
How does a 100-year old lock and key shop stay relevant but reverent of their origin? Bradley Lock and Key Shop is the oldest Locksmith Shop in Georgia and was founded in 1883. The company has been passed down from generation to generation, and is now in the hands of the fifth.

Blues That Are
More Like Yellows

︎ indefinitely
︎ rad taste in music
Strong emotional connections and neuronal architecture tie together memory and music. As stay-at-home orders strip away indications of time, playlist help define it. (I made a playlist a week so I wouldn’t lose my mind)

(not Frank’s)

︎ 4 weeks
︎ branding, identity, print
Hot dogs are a man's food - New York street corners,  baseball parks, backyard grills, wieners. But legend has it, a woman was the one who invented the hot dog. Frankie's mission is to celebrate the stories of women that were never told and to make a great dog.

Son and Sons

︎ 6 months
︎ creative fellowship
I spent six months building champion brands (system thinking, brand guidelines, print mechanicals, digital  content, taco tuesdays) with Son and Sons as a Creative Fellow in Atlanta, GA.

SITE Conference

︎ 5 weeks
︎ print, identity

*Adobe Awards, Semifinalist
*SCAD Secession, Finalist
SITE is an organization that holds an annual conference for both higher education and technology. It's an opportunity to introduce the two industries. The old collateral looked outdated and irrelevant in context of the two fields and needed an update.

SCAD Wayfinding

︎ 3 weeks
︎ wayfinding, signage system, identity, ui/ux
SCAD is a college campus spread out over 2 square miles with over 70 buildings, which can be difficult to navigate between. Prospective families, tourists, and students all struggle to explore the campus safely and efficiently. 

Google x SCAD

︎ Winter 2018
︎ 10 weeks
︎ ui/ux, ethnographic research
SCAD partnered with Google Maps  to answer the question,"What would Google Maps look like if it was designed from the ground-up specifically for mobile youth’s (for ages 18-24) behaviors needs and aspirations?"


︎ Winter 2017
︎ experiential design, ethonography, service design

SCAD partnered with BMW to explore how to create human-to-human connections during our journeys based on social media Data and APIs.

L’Oreal x SCAD

︎ Spring 2018
︎ ethonography, marketing, DTC strategy

SCAD partnered with L’Oreal’s Redken to create and launch a new hair care line through DTC marketing strategy.