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SCAD is a college campus spread out over 2 square miles with over 70 buildings, which lack a consistent visual signifier to identify them from the outside.


The buildings can be difficult to navigate between because of traffic, weather, or awareness. Prospective families, tourists, and students all struggle to explore the campus safely and efficiently.


By creating a directional wayfinding system, SCAD campus can become approachable. The signs must be unobtrusive to the Savannah environment and celebrate the city they simplify while also representing SCAD’s brand. Along with the analog guidance, a mobile app helps to elevate navigation and education of the university.


identifying needs

SCAD attracts a diverse group of people outside of the enrolled body due to its creative brand and location in a tourist destination. Consideration was taken to service each user.

user story


Map view

The map view gives users multiple ways to search for buildings and when a building is selected, a quick-glance info card pops up providing more context to the building allowing the user to make quick-informed decisions.


Place details

With over 70 buildings, it can be difficult to remember what majors are where, the times each are open or even what the exterior looks like.



Route Planner

Whether the user wants to explore buildings because of their shared content, location, or class schedule, a route can be put together. This allows users to explore the campus at their own pace based on their personal needs.



Users can navigate and see progress in-app. SCAD facts will also pop up based on the user’s location. This can provide them with context to the university as a whole or other buildings that aren’t on the route.



qr scanner

 By providing a QR scanner in app, the user can learn more from the exterior of a building or through exploring the hallways even if they aren't on a guided tour.


After sketching out lo-fi wireframes and writing out the ap's architecture, I moved onto mid-fi wireframes in Sketch. Pictured are the result of multiple draft and revisions.

Wayfinding & Signage System


The structures of the wayfinding system are based off of the map of Savannah. The city was created in a grid which provides structure. There is a beautiful rhythm that exists even when you are walking through it. The use of line is repeated in the map, the signage structures, and the typography, creating representative and unobtrusive structures that coexist with the environment.


After walking the location myself and figuring out the decision points, I moved to pen and paper where I sketched out ideas.


Walking around the city, I wanted to create something that respected the environment, was on the SCAD brand, and was safe and inviting to interact with.

building markers

possible routes

decision points

Savannah Walker – Visual Designer

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