Savannah Walker



This was an exploratory project to discover more about the intentional conveyance of information as a designer. I utilized a paper choice to explore the power and affect it can have on a piece of communication.




One day I was flipping through a paper sample booklet and wondered what I could do with vellum. It can be used to layer, reveal a whole image, and break it down sequentially.


Stories are successful because there is proper suspense, plot, and exposition. How might I ruin the structure of a story just through my choice of paper?




I chose the Harry Potter series. Each paragraph contains key quotes and events for one of the books. The first paragraph (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone) is on the first page- but it’s at the bottom. Each paragraph is above the next, leaving the last paragraph (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) at the top of the last page.

Because of the transparency of vellum, when viewed from the first page, the reader has two choices – to read the paragraph at the top, which is really the last book on the last page, or to read the paragraph at the bottom of the page, which is the first book.


If I had used opaque paper, the reader would have had no problem deciding what to read; the last book would have been the last thing they read. But now the reader has to decide reading what’s at the top of the page or what’s on the first page, and the story can be immediately ruined for them.





This was an excellent project to learn more about printing and paper. I learned that some printers don’t like vellum and aren’t happy when you enter in custom sizes. It took a few tries too to find the right transparency and I think it could have been more so. It's funny though how accidents can look cooler than what you intended.