Savannah Walker




Atlanta, GA


10 weeks

May - August 2018


For 10 weeks I interned with Spanx’s in-house creative department. During that time, I was able to collaborate with other departments like Brand, Visual Merchandising, Production, Sales, and PR to create branded materials that will exist in retail, packaging, web and social media environments.


I was also able to assist in the creation of the Magalog – an expanded catalogue designed to educate the consumer about the products and technology that goes into every Spanx product.



Led a group of 20 multi-disciplinary interns through the ideation and concept-execution of a social media campaign centered around women’s confidence.


Created branded collateral for retail environments as well as the ideation and the development of the seasonal catalog.


Created digital assets ranging from product illustrations, social media posts, and web banners.


our team


Spanx hired 20 interns to join their 200  employees for the summer. The team was multi-disciplinary, coming from almost every department at Spanx; Brand, Marketing, PR, DTC, Sales, Merchandising, Financial, Product Development, and HR. Each intern was able to bring insight and perspective  from their own department – an incredible opportunity for us to gain communication and strategy skills.



Spanx’s aspiration is to be an all-inclusive brand. The brief was to develop a social media campaign that focused on women’s confidence as well as the tools to develop their self-esteem in their everyday lives.

phase 1


Our team of 20 interns first looked at the women who inspired us across industries and even throughout time. We wanted to also understand what characteristics specifically we were attracted to.

phase 2


Once we identified our aspirational women, we researched to find out how they personally became confident – was it something their father said to them every morning or an experience they went through? We gathered and grouped their tools and paired it with Spanx products, beginning the idea that Spanx products could also be used as tools to become confident.

phase 3


Looking at our 6-month calendar and the research we had done, we built a framework that could be applied to every month. Beginning with the women – a huge point of connection for most people, next were their quotes, tools – inspired by their stories, holidays, and Spanx products. We built out 6-months of content in the span of 2 weeks.

phase 4


We wanted to kick off this campaign with the premise of “everyone is talking about confidence, but no one is talking about how to get it – until now". We interviewed employees, women on the street and the interns to create a series of videos that could live in a variety of contexts.

Editing done by Hannah Terry






I assisted in the ideation, execution, and production of Spanx's 80-page, seasonal catalogue. Starting with photo selection and layout design, then working with typography - both nuanced type-setting as well as creating bold headlines. I also helped prepare the file for final print production.




I worked with the sales team to create a bra guide to help customers find their perfect bra. Spent weeks mocking up multiple folds, testing different paper, and created illustrations.



Social media


Working with our Social Media Coordinator, we strategically planned social media posts with branded narratives to engage a very active Spanx user.


I also created posts for Instagram - pull quotes, animations, and GIFs.


Digital Ads


I created assets and illustrations for Spanx's web banners, emails, and digital ads, as well as prepared final files.

Savannah Walker – Visual Designer

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