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Working as a graphic designer in a group of three industrial designers and one illustrator, we were tasked to research millennials for 7 weeks utilizing contextual research methods of IDEO as well as IBM to become more empathetic, curious, and human-centered designers. During the process, our team realized we had enough research to not just write essays about what we found, but to try to solve a problem for our user.


Click below to see my process book that maps out 10 weeks of research and development, including the exercises and insights we found.

my role

I engaged in research, participating in and facilitating methods of mapping, interviews, storyboarding and affinitizing. I created the brand and identity for the app, HomeGroup, wireframed it in Sketch, prototyped it using Craft, and designed the visual interface, making decisions based on the previous weeks research.


research process book

Savannah Walker – Visual Designer

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