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Hot dogs are a man's food - New York street corners, baseball parks, backyard grills, wieners. But legend has it, a woman was the one who invented the hot dog.


Frankie's mission is to celebrate the stories of women that were never told and to make a great dog.



Frankie's Hot Dogs is a fictional sit-down style restaurant located in Chicago that serves artisan hot dogs. The restaurant takes a spin on the male dominated history and stereotypes related to the food and instead, celebrates women.


women in (Hot dog) history


Men might have invented the sausage, but women get credit for the buns.

National Hot Dog and Sausage Council:

Feuchtwanger's wife proposed the use of a bun in 1880: Feuchtwanger sold hot dogs on the streets of St. Louis, Missouri, and provided gloves to his customers so that they could handle the sausages without burning their hands. Losing money when customers did not return the gloves, Feuchtwanger's wife suggested serving the sausages in a roll instead.




Hot dogs have a strong connotative visual language. We think of red and yellow - the stripes on an umbrella or the ketchup and mustard that dresses them. We picture street corners, baseball games, piers, New York traffic.


I wanted to keep this heritage of bright playful patterns, but threw in more feminine and stylish characteristics that wouldn't be polarizing. The logo - Frankie's not Frank's, remained traditional but fun and inviting.



The verbiage used throughout the menu and cookbook is witty and cheeky. The text is meant to reflect the fun and casual spirit of hot dogs, but still be strong and empowering.




Along with the restaurant, Frankie's has also created a cook book called Old Dog, New Dish. The book has exclusively hot dog recipes as well as encouraging messages about women's stories and how people can get involved in Frankie's mission.

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